Discreet Hero’s “Zuri” Part 2 Rescuing Puppy Mill Poodles

Zuri and Merle


At the end of DISCREET HERO’S Part 1 

Our DISCREET HERO’S  had adopted Merle and she was thriving. So at this time there were 3 fur babies in the home, Hershey, Cricket and Merle.

In 2013, unfortunately Hershy, passed away at 17 years old. This was Terri and Brad’s first poodle and this was a very traumatic experience for them. Their fur babies are always first priority to them.  Brad and Terri were feeling a tremendous loss.  They needed sometime to heal.  The kind that never really goes away, just has different stages.

To this day, Terri says she thinks about Hershey daily. They opted to have Hershey cremated. Her remains are in a box in their home and Terri also wears a necklace with some of her ashes in it.

Zuri Snoozing

Then in 2014 Cricket passed, she was in her teens as well. Terri and Brad had Cricket cremated and scattered over her mother’s grave so they would be reunited forever.

At this time Merle was the only fur baby in the home.   

Brad called Terri one day and to her “SURPRISE” Brad had been on the Warrick Humane Society Website and saw another terrified miniature poodle “Zuri”.


The DISCREET HERO’S decided to go meet Zuri. Not having much information about her. When you rescue and/or adopt a lot of the time you do not have any history on the animals.

What they could tell is Zuri looked somewhere between 7 and 9 years old and she had been a puppy mill dog, tattooed #151. Knowing what they were getting into the DISCREET HERO’S adopted Zuri on January 2, 2015. Merle now had a new sister.

One day not to long after getting Zuri home, she had a seizure. The DISCREET HERO’S rushed her to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic. By the time they arrived with Zuri, the episode had stopped.

Terri was ready for when/if the next seizure and she taped it on her phone.  She took it to the Veterinarian. The Vet explained they were Tonic Clonic Seizures. They made Zuri wobble, drool and lasted between 5 and 8 minutes. They were not the type that cause them to lose control of functions.  The seizures could be a lot more violent type.

Brad and Terri just make sure Zuri is in a safe place when she is not being monitored, so that she can not harm herself from a seizure.

Coming from a puppy mill Zuri had no potty training. They started with that as soon as she arrived home. The DISCREET HERO’S knowing that this issue may never be 100%. They Scotchgard where they can. They also take Merle and Zuri out as much as possible.

Knowing once again Zuri coming from a puppy mill would have to learn everything and might be frightened of everyday items and noises. they just make her feel secure, safe and loved.

Today, the DISCREET HERO’S have adjusted their lives to accommodate their fur babies. Merle has never learned to enjoy toys but, Zuri likes her toys.


While I was visiting Merle and Zuri let me pet each of them. Zuri even climbed over me on the couch, to get to her mommy.

Happy Family

These DISCREET HERO’S, in my eyes have already secured their spot in heaven. If I haven’t said it before, I will say it now. 

You can’t buy love but, you can rescue it!