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Welcome to “Let’s Talk About Pets”

The blog is almost complete. There are a few glitches but, I am ready to reveal it.

Please please go to the left column and sign up for the blog. This will notify you when a new blog is out and it helps me get sponsors.

Let me know if there is any thing you really dislike. But, as I said we are still working on a few items.

Next article will discuss the expense it cost you to own you fur children.

Lil D


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<p>I have worked with animals most of my life. As a child by immediate and extended family worked with field trial dogs. As I got older I attended Purdue’s 2004 certificate course on behavior modification. I then trained dogs in basic obedience. I also worked at Evansville’s Animal Care and Control. My next venture was working at the spay/neuter clinic, at the Humane Society. I was a surgical vet technician. My biggest challenge was starting my own 501C3 non for profit animal rescue. I love animals and want the share that and some knowledge with you.</p>

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  1. I’ve looked around this site and I am excited for all of the great things you will do with it. I’m proud of you for following your heart and sticking with this. Just imagine all the people you will be able to help. I love you,


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