Unconditional love

I think that the only true unconditional love comes from dogs and cats. They don’t care how you look. You can have your pj’s on all day and they don’t care if you fix your hair or put your makeup on.

They are always happy to see you when you get home and make a big scene.  That has to put a smile on your face, no matter how bad your day was.

 I find when I am feeling bad they are always near me.  They can sense when you feel bad.   They are always there to try to make you feel better.  They are just as good as chicken noodle soup.

They don’t mind that you have faults, they don’t even notice.  When you have done something wrong and feel bad.  They are there with a kiss or nudge you to cheer you up.

If your feeling down or low its hard not to smile when the do something cute or just kiss you. They are the best therapy I know of.  Your never alone when you have a pet.  You always have a best friend that is the only living thing that is able to give unconditional love.

Dixie and Sophia

It amazes me that every dog/cat have individual personalities.  They are like humans that way.  I know what my little Dixie wants just by looking at here.  Ellie brings you what she wants.  Sophia is getting up there in age.  But when I get home she still goes crazy.  It always makes me happy.

The cats are a little different.  They like to get into everything.  Very inquisitive animals we have Weezer she is alway in a closet if the door is open.  Arlo is very interested when you go to the bathroom. Your never alone in the bathroom.  They are worse than little kids busting in the bathroom.

Weezer and Arlo also love to cuddle and sleep with you when it is time to settle down.  

I find it wonderful to have pets.  They make your life happier and always give unconditional love.

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