The Calamity Of The Disaster Of The Hot Laps By Archibald Boudreaux

Archibald Boudreaux


Archibald Boudreaux was a 5 month old Plot Hound Puppy (Coon Hound). It appeared someone dumped/abandoned or a neighbor neglected him. You never know whats going to happen.

There for, Because of Archibald’s unhealthy condition we took him to the Veterinarian and got him neutered, shots, dewormed and microchipped, $80 kennel, food, collar and leash.  After all that SURPRISE we are the proud parent of Archibald Boudreaux “Archie’ our new 45 pound puppy.

Ellie Roux our Catahoula Leopard Hound fell in love with Archibald.  Ellie and Archie are now inseparable.  Ellie has a brother to chum around his new home. Archibald was a gift to our family we didn’t expect. Everyone in the family loves his goofy, clumsy behavior. Archie is a lover boy and all puppy.


Consequently this is where my crazy story starts. Further more, I was sitting on the couch the other morning drinking coffee. Trying to get the cobwebs out of my eyes and relaxing enjoying the peaceful morning.

All of the sudden from the back of the house there is a sound like the walls were  falling down. Then it starts to come down the hall. I am starting to get nervous by now.


Just at that moment Ellie Roux our Catahoula Leopard Hound, Archibald and our kitten Weezer come barreling through the living room and back down the hall.  At our house we call these crazy running spells “hot laps”

Right now I think its is over and I am safe, “NOPE.’ Here they come again down the hall but instead of around the couch it was over the couch. 

My coffee went flying landed on the new ottoman. While trying to get all the electronics safe from the coffee. Yelling, saying all their names at once cause I am not  sure who the ring leader was but, by the look on Archibald’s face he looks pretty guilty. He is still learning his house manners.

The funny part is you are so mad you are trying to yell at them and you’re getting their names mixed up. Everyone does that with their pets or kids, but it is still comical.

Now its funny, while it was happening, I was very upset. But, they were having a good time.


This blog and the reason you have your fur kids is because they are so funny, do crazy things, they all have such different personalities and alway give complete conditional love. 

Ellie Roux
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  1. Funny stuff baby. Glad I wasn’t home though ?

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