Discreet Hero’s Who Rescue Poodles From Puppy Mills Part 1

Happy Family


This picture of the DISCREET HERO’S  looks like a normal family with their fur babies. Underneath there is a beautiful story of two incredible people, which will be known as the DISCREET HERO’S. They have adjusted their lives to accommodate, love and save this fur baby. 

These DISCREET HERO’S are Terri and Brad Uebelhor and I think the world of them for many reason. I wish everyone was lucky enough to get to know them.  They are a gift and it has been a privilege.

So let’s get this story about these DISCREET HERO’S going. Terri had Hershey a miniature poodle even before she met Brad.  Neither Terri nor Brad have children so Hershey was their fur kid.


Hershey as adult She passed in 2013 at the age of 17 years old

Terri’s Mother unfortunately passed after sometime. She had a miniature poodle named Cricket. At that time the DISCREET HERO’S inherited Cricket.

Cricket’s glam shot
Cricket with her MOM







One day Terri was browsing the Warrick Humane Society Website. Terri came across this terrified miniature poodle and knew instantly.  She had Brad go out and meet Merle. They decided they were going to do everything they could to save this miniature poodle.

Merle at Shelter

 Merle, was a puppy mill dog, so she knew nothing about normal life. What love was, petting, wagging her tail or playing. 

Terri, the DISCREET HERO, spent everyday at lunch running to The Warrick Humane Society from downtown Evansville.  Terri just wanted to sit in the same cage with Merle.  No touching, talking, or even eye contact.  Just letting Merle know she was there for her.

Merle soon after coming home from shelter

Merle’s adoption to her forever home was on September 10, 2010.  Merle got spayed and she came straight home. Merle was a very scared dog.  They didn’t push themselves on her.   They just let her relax into her surroundings. These DISCREET HERO’S even put all their couch cushions on the floor, because Merle had no concept of how to jump, do stairs, potty training or anything.

They learned to celebrate every little accomplishment. Merle getting on the cushions with them, eating out of their hands. The first wag of the tale almost made Terri cry.


Merle a happy dog!!!

Merle is now doing better on potty training. They knew that part would be a challenge from the start. Merle shows no fear in her eyes anymore. She will spend the rest of her life loved, safe and happy, because of our DISCREET HERO’S.  PART 2 COMING SOON

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<p>I have worked with animals most of my life. As a child by immediate and extended family worked with field trial dogs. As I got older I attended Purdue’s 2004 certificate course on behavior modification. I then trained dogs in basic obedience. I also worked at Evansville’s Animal Care and Control. My next venture was working at the spay/neuter clinic, at the Humane Society. I was a surgical vet technician. My biggest challenge was starting my own 501C3 non for profit animal rescue. I love animals and want the share that and some knowledge with you.</p>


  1. Great article! We are blessed to have these little angels in our lives!♡
    Much love to you,
    Terri & Brad

  2. Great article baby! I can’t wait for part 2

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