Dogs Learning The “Come” Command It Could Save Their Life

 This is one of the hardest commands to teach. “Come” is also the most important command, it can save their life. You can use any command word you want but for this article we will stick with “Come”.

The main problem with teaching the “Come” command with a dog. Owners go and yell and scream angrily at their dog to come.

If someone is yelling and screaming at me angrily. I will tell you now I am going in the opposite direction. Who wants to go to someone who is mad at you.

Start teaching the “Come” command as soon as you get your puppy. Make coming to you a game. Walk a few feet away and call them to you. When they come praise them like crazy, maybe even a small treat.

As your puppy gets older practice the “Come” command on a daily basis, it could save their life.

You can also do the chase game. Run from them and when they catch you praise them. NEVER, NEVER chase after them it will turn into a game for them and you will have problems.

If you are having an issue with them coming to you. Get on the ground and act like yo   u are looking at something so interesting and their curiosity should get the best of them and they will come over to check it out.

The problem here is that you can not win against most dogs instincts. If they get outside off leash and there is a squirrel, cat, another dog or even a deer. You will never win this battle against instinct. You will probably need to go retrieve them. Still do not punish them, it is instinct not disobedience. It is a dogs instinct to go check these things out and even more so depending on the breed you have.

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